You’re in for a real adventure when you explore the underbelly of Melbourne homes!

Ahoy, dear homeowner! Are you ready to begin the exciting journey of installing sub-floors in your Melbourne home? Take a deep breathe and don’t worry if you picture bulldozers and chaos. Your garden may look like it has seen better days. We’ll take a journey through the real underpinnings process today, without the myths, and instead with the facts. Our solutions.

The Reconnaissance Mission, also known as The Inspection: The experts don detective gear and conduct an investigation before taking any actions. The experts will assess soil types, foundation damage and other factors to determine which underpinning technique is best. Consider this the foundation (pun intended!) ).

Clean the Decks As much as non-invasive methods have helped reduce the mess, clearing the decks may be required, particularly if obstructions are near the area affected. Do not worry, your rose bush is in good hands!

The Great Dig: This may involve some digging depending on the technique chosen. Modern methods, however, have made this step a lot easier. Finding a solid foundation may not be a treasure chest, but it is still gold!

This phase will fascinate those who choose chemical underpinning! The resin is injected and then expanded, filling the voids in the foundation. You can watch your house get a boost of vitamins!

After the foundation is installed, a rigorous test will ensure that everything works as it should. We want a house that will stand tall in Melbourne’s changing weather.

Restauration and Cleaning: Once the technical aspects are completed, our team focuses on making it look as if they never existed. The magic is in the attention to details and a little bit of magic.

After-Underpinning tea time: This isn’t an official step but you certainly deserve it after a long adventure!

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