You Can Test Your Site in 5 Seconds

Would you like to try out a test lasting 5 seconds? This article is all about testing the BHPH (or landing) page to see how actual people respond when they reach it. You can get many answers from the web statistics, numbers and figures. Some surprising information can be obtained from people. To find out what your site visitors do when they are on it, you need to know where and how they go. It is important to test your site in real life with other people. This will give you immediate feedback, discover more!

You can choose random people, but it is best to pick those who have never been on your website. You can ask your volunteers to shut their eyes while they are seated at the screen. Next, you will take them directly to your website’s home page. You can ask your students to look at the screen and then select the option that they find most appealing. TIMEM THEM…time them as they search for the item you want.

It’s important to ask: Are they visiting the site in the place you intend them to go? Clicking through to more pages is a good thing. However, you would prefer that they click on the pages you desire, to sell them cars.

You would lose the majority of your visitors if they stayed on your website for more than five seconds. You should take a look at your web page and see what you can change in order to move the visitor to the desired destination within five seconds. It’s tough. Your opportunity is lost if your customers leave your Buy Here Pay Here page before they fill out and submit your credit request.

The answer is 5-10. This is not intended to be a scientific study, but rather aimed at bringing awareness. It’s worth a try, the results might surprise and educate you.

Charles Pompey runs, Car-Lotta Credit and Car-Lotta Credit.…Comprehensive Web Sites and Internet Merchandising ONLY for Buy Here Pay Here dealers. Charley is a BHPH Web Site Builder, he builds online results-oriented sites for dealers. He also manages PPC campaigns, offers advertising consulting services, gives presentations to dealer groups in 20 states, and does individual speaking and consultation. gets you more credit applications as well as sales through your website within the first thirty days.

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