You Can Avoid Plumbing Problems In Winter

You can save thousands on plumbing repairs by performing preventive maintenance during the winter By performing regular plumbing maintenance, you can prevent plumbing issues and costly repairs. The amount of protection you need for winter plumbing varies according to where you are located, as the temperature varies. To protect your plumbing, you only need a few hand tools along with some plumbing supplies that you can purchase online or in a local supply store. The items can be purchased for as little as $6.99. It is much cheaper to hire a plumber than spend $150. Winter can bring up some common problems with plumbing. Here are some simple ways to fix them.

The kitchen sinks are usually installed on the exterior wall of the home, so you can view out of the window as you do dishes or use the sink. In the winter, outside walls are colder. This increases the chance of your plumbing freezing. Plumbers today recommend that you insulate your pipes as a first line of defense against frozen pipes. Many homes have water lines on the outside of the home. By doing certain things, you can avoid this problem during the winter. Keep the cabinet door open so warm air can circulate inside to prevent frozen pipes. It is an excellent idea, even though it may look ugly. The warm air will help prevent the pipes from freezing. You can also fix a portable heater near the open window to ensure that the hot air is able to warm the water pipes.

A second problem is that oil burner tank pipes which freeze due to fuel contain water. If you want to avoid this, you can either insulate them with pipe insulation. Or if you already have insulated oil lines, you can remove the sludge or water from your tank. You will need an oil heating specialist to complete this messy task. It could be due to a faulty component or low temperatures. It is best to have your furnace serviced by a licensed, professional heating and plumbing service provider. This will ensure that you have hot water all winter long, and it may also help to prevent expensive repairs.

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