What to Look for When Choosing Managed Network Services

Many businesses rely heavily on networking technology in today’s fast-paced economy to help them with their internal as well as external processes. It is time-consuming to keep up with an ever-changing network infrastructure, recommended reading?

Many companies are now choosing to contract out their network services to third-party service providers. Managed network services are not only cost effective, they also increase flexibility, and give businesses access to certain skills, such as security, networking and communication, that might be unavailable on staff. This type of service allows companies to focus their IT resources on the core business and not ongoing network maintenance.

When outsourcing network management, it is important to select the best service provider. When choosing a network management service, there are five factors to consider.

Network Service Standards

When choosing a provider, it is important to look at the standards of network reliability, security and availability. These are usually outlined in an agreement, or contract. It is important that you have a contract or agreement which states the availability of your provider at any time. Downtimes can be costly to your business. Read the agreement or contract to ensure that security and reliability are addressed.

The cost of the product

Choose a service for managed networks that is within your budget. Look for companies that offer a fixed, low cost. There are many different managed network services on the market today. To fully understand your infrastructure, the best companies run a baseline assessment. Then, they will create a custom service agreement to meet your needs and expectations.


Choose a provider that can offer you a cost-effective, secure and high performance solution, whether your goal is to connect two buildings, to link remote users with the office or to join multiple locations using voice and data on the same network. IP VPNs are used by the top companies to reduce both the complexity and cost of their networks.

Flexible Payments

The best managed network service provider will be able to adapt quickly to the changing needs of your business and match you with services that meet your requirements.

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