What to do after an arrest for DUI

Certain bad things occur to those who are otherwise healthy. It is possible that you committed the error of driving drunk and then being taken into custody, however it might happen that you was in the wrong spot or at the wrong time. If you’re in the need of a Chester County DUI attorney, it’s important to choose an experienced attorney that is knowledgeable about the law, and is fluent in the Pennsylvania DUI law. It is important to take specific steps when you are stopped on suspicion of DUI prior to contacting an lawyer – click for source!

It is crucial to determine whether law enforcement officials actually observed behavior that led them to believe that the driver was under alcohol. Did the officer in charge be able to spot signs of alcohol impairment like a motorist who swerved? The arrest was conducted during an DUI Checkpoint. Did the incident occur due to the person who was the defendant? It is crucial to know this since if a police officer makes an arrest with no justification, the case could be dismissed and the evidence smuggled away. The police officers will use these indicators to determine if a person is drinking alcohol:

Wide turn radius.

The line that runs through the road sign is crossed

“Appearing drunk “appearing drunk”


The speed limit is 10 mph lower than the limit.

There is no reason to stop on the road.

Brake is erratic

A person who is stopped on the suspicion of DUI does not have to answer questions that can be used to prove. If you are stopped for traffic you are allowed to request to talk to your attorney. Keep your cool, calm and professional do not yell at officers. You may not be able to speak to an attorney right away. But, if you inform the police officer, they might be less likely to question the subject before your arrest.

You have the right to decline a field sobriety test, or even a urine test to find out if you’ve had a drink. But, a decision could be interpreted as admitting guilt which could have negative effects.

If you’re arrested for DUI If you are arrested for DUI, DUI lawyers in Philadelphia are there to help and protect your rights. DUI offenses are committed in Pennsylvania can be classified in three different categories according to the level of blood alcohol (BAC). BAC levels that are between 0.08 percent and 0.10 percent are placed in the lower level. The BAC ranges from 0.11 percent and 0.16 percent are put into the middle level. A BAC of more than 0.16 percent place the suspect in the top level. The penalties that are mandatory for each tier differ. For a full understanding of the penalties as well as how they impact you, it’s essential to consult an experienced Chester County DUI lawyer with experience with these issues. In the context of Assisted rehabilitation Disposition (ARD) program, which is a pre-trial program available for non-violent offenders with no prior convictions, it could be possible for you to stay out of prison, and you will be suspended for a period of three months. It’s much more favorable than if DUI were to be convicted.

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