What exactly does a ligature against ligature mean?

It is not possible to attach a ligature to an anti-ligature.

The anti-ligature is essential for protecting those at highest risk in challenging environments or in areas of mental illness visit website. It prevents self-harm or suicide by using ligatures.

Due to collaboration, the design standards in mental healthcare facilities has improved significantly over the last few year. Anti-ligature designing is one of many factors in creating a safer environment.

What is the “ligature?”

In the term “ligature”, any material is meant to be used as a tie or binding, such as a piece or cloth, cords, clothing, or bed linen. Also, they are used in mental health facilities to commit suicide or self-harm. Also, ‘ligature-points,’ which are found on physical objects, like furniture, can be used to attach the ligatures.

Designing against ligature minimizes the presence of the ligature and reduces the risk of self-harming.

What is the best way to deal with ligatures and how can it be combated?

Kingsway provides anti-ligature ranges of doorsets in order to reduce the risks of ligatures.

Our complete doors systems are designed by experts and healthcare professionals in consultation to assist users who might be at risk of self harm. With over 2,300 UK anti-ligature projects under our belt, we have the experience to select materials with the durability and dependability required for mental health environments.

All of Complete Door Systems’ Complete Door Systems are designed for aesthetics and safety without having to compromise security. This helps to create a therapeutic, deinstitutionalized environment. Our Complete Door Systems come with 5 years of guarantee as our partner to improve patient security.

In addition to anti-ligature locks, we offer a variety of other antiligature products and services that can reduce the risks for mental healthcare facilities. Included are mirrors with shatter resistant, coat and towel hooks and rails.

What is the ligature monitor system?

A ligature detector is an instrument that alerts staff members to any attempts of ligature. It allows the staff to act quickly in a clinic. These devices allow staff to respond faster in an emergency situation. SENTRY Complete Door System features anti-ligature technologies and ligature sensors that are installed on every edge of the doorset. Monitors will alert staff when a technician attempts anchoring, wedgeing, or manipulating a door ligature.

Framework Agreement for NHS Commercial Solutions: Pre-tendered Door Anti Ligature

Kingsway Group is now a NHS Commercial Solutions Framework Agreement approved supplier of Anti-Ligature Doors. Kingsway’s services, products and procedures have been thoroughly evaluated.

We are included in this Framework Agreement as a way to reassure you that we have independently inspected and pre-approved the quality of our products. This inclusion allows for quick and easy access to pre-qualified expert solutions.

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