Treasure Hunting for Morel Mushirooms

According to your geographic location, hunting for morel mushrooms can take place from April into June. They are most common in the United States in the Great Lakes Region, however they can also be found in nearly all lower 48 States. Come and visit our website search it on Soulcybin you can learn more.

The most important factor that affects the availability and quality these mushrooms is weather. Moral growth is best when there’s a good soil moisture level and a high daytime temperature.

Sometimes, you will find them in patches underneath dead or dying ash, ash and pine trees. It is common for them to hide in thickets, or nearby small plant species. But because the ground cover in each location can be very different, every patch of mushroom you see could have its own unique conditions. Once you locate a great spot, it is essential to maintain that area year after year.

The forest fire can cause the moral mushrooms to grow abundantly over the following two or three year period. Commercial pickers may also follow the reports of forest fires in order to hunt first in recently burned areas.

The morel mushrooms may last up to 2 weeks, before beginning to degrade if it’s in good weather. In 24 hours, Morels are known to grow as large as one half inch. Because the shrooms are not dated, it’s important that each specimen be examined carefully for evidence of decay. For signs of decay, look under the caps. When dealing with these mushrooms, many collectors follow the 50-50 rule. Once it is 50 percent good, then bag it. The mushrooms should be consumed within three to four days of being opened.

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