Tips to Store Items for Long-Term Durability!

There are many ways to store goods. It is possible to store items in various ways. If you do not need the item, it is possible to be disappointed. It is possible to damage items if you don’t know the characteristics or needs of your items. Zu Mi Ni Cang will ensure that your items last longer – go here.

Here are some items you shouldn’t place in your house.

Pearl necklaces are the most common item to be misplaced. Pearl necklaces are delicate and require extra care from the owner. Hanging the necklace too high will result in the string and rope becoming unbalanced. You should not mix pearl necklaces and other jewelry. Keep your pearl necklace in a soft container.

The second is your clothes. You may think that clothes can be hung or stacked in the closet to last longer. But you are mistaken. You are wrong. Your cabinets should be well ventilated. Avoid stacking clothes and storing them in the basement or on the attic floor.

Beauty and body products are the third item. You can move these items if they are often on the toilet. Mount the shelf on the wall over the toilet. This is more practical than placing beauty products on top. The product will not be damaged by placing it in the tank, but it will make access to the toilet water tank difficult.

Also, make sure to get rid of all your beauty products. Do not keep medicine in the bathroom. Bathrooms can be very hot and humid. This is not a good environment for medicine. Humidity can cause the drug to become unusable and even deprive it from its ability to perform, even before its expiration date. Keep medications in a desk drawer in your room, in your kitchen, or in a closet in your dining room.

The fifth item is electronic equipment, particularly equipment for cooking. Some people don’t use a blender, mixer, or juicer every day. To keep these items from collecting dust on the countertops, place them in your kitchen cabinets. A toaster, coffee maker, and coffee grinder should be placed in the same place. You should not use these tools every day.

Last but not least, take your fresh vegetables out of the fridge. Avocados, onions and tomatoes should be kept at room temperatures.

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