This is the rollercoaster that is new parenting: Accepting chaos

Oh, baby! What a wonderful little person you now have in your life. You’ll be in for an amazing ride. But I don’t just mean the sleep deprivation that can turn you into an espresso-dependent creature. No, sirree. This is a journey that’s a lot more of a rollercoaster. You can get the best guide about Baby in this site.

Let’s begin with the very beginning. What about those times when you can’t tell whether it is Tuesday or Saturday and the world seems like a confusing soup of time? These days are real. Feeding, changing diapers, or trying to determine why your bundle of joy is wailing in the middle of the night are all you do. Spoiler alert: There’s often no good reason. Babies can be unpredictable.

Then, the next step is to smile. Real smiles that aren’t gas-induced. These people really like you and they want to show it. Isn’t this what you feel? It seems like all the sleepless hours were worth it.

Then, before you can blink, your baby is on their way – pushing themselves up, rolling over and crawling around (watch for the Lego blocks) until they finally take those first wobbly footsteps into your arms. Each milestone can be compared to winning a game level.

This is the story of feeding. It’s a saga. I won’t go on about the introduction of solids. Say that your kitchen looks like something out of an action movie.

The first attempt at communication sounds as if they were negotiating with an alien. Once they start saying “mama” (or “dapa”), well someone better get to cutting onions as my eyes are starting to leak.

The goal of parenting is to guide your children, but it can also be a course for self-improvement. Patience? Check. You must be able to work with a minimum amount of sleep. Double-check. Find out how many nursery Rhymes you can sing without losing your head. Triple check.

They can be quiet, too. Maybe you’ve watched them sleeping after an epic tantrum. Perhaps they have held your hand with such pure and unconditional love that it made everything else seem insignificant.

It’s going to be a tough time – dealing with food allergies, or even public meltdowns. Then there’s the endless advice given by those who know more than you (thanks, no thanks).

What’s more, seeing this small child experience the wonder of the everyday through his eyes is magical.

A baby can change your world in ways you’ve never thought possible. But, honestly? From this upside-down view, it’s amazing. We are ready to embrace the future with open minds and wonder.

Enjoy this adventure of parenting! Now, let’s toast to the wild journey of parenting. You must remember though, that any great adventure is the result of stepping away from your comfort zone, or clicking off of it in this example.

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