The Nose Does Know: A Guide to Scent Marketing Whiffs, Whys and More

Let’s not make it sound as if we’re launching some kind of spaceship. Imagine this: you walk into the bakery and you’re greeted with a fresh-baked bread scent that feels like a warm hug by your grandma. It’s Scent marketing in the simplest of forms, without all the techy jargon.

Businesses use scents to get people to open their wallets. These businesses aren’t being sneaky. They’re just using one of the strongest senses we have – smell. Just think about it. Ever passed a cafe and craved coffee? That’s no accident. It’s part of their plan.

Implementing this strategy is not as simple as spraying grandma‚Äôs perfume all over and calling it day. Choose a scent to match what you’re trying to sell. If you are running a day spa, for instance, you will want scents that make customers think they have entered a heaven of relaxation – perhaps lavender or Eucalyptus.

It gets a little tricky here. What is heavenly for one person may be like last week’s trash to another. Figuring out what works is a little like blindfolded searching for a needle.

Cultural differences are another factor to consider. It’s possible that a smell that’s comforting to one country can be off-putting to another. Do your research if you are planning to expand your scented product business internationally. Otherwise, your store will smell like “Eau de Nope” for half of your clients.

Tech has even gotten involved with scent marketing. We have gadgets to determine how much perfume is needed based on who’s around and what time it is. After all, nobody wants the smell of cinnamon at 8AM on a Monday morning.

There are good and bad ways to use scents. Scents should be used openly because no one wants to feel tricked.

The art of scent marketing requires balance, and it’s important to not go overboard. It’s about creating an experience which sticks with people and doesn’t overwhelm. Like wearing just enough cologne/perfume to make heads turn, but without going overboard.

Here you go: Scent marketing, in all its glory. And pitfalls. Without any filler words. Or overly complicated descriptions. Next time you’re craving cinnamon rolls at the mall there could be some clever advertising at work, led by nothing other than your nose.

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