The Best Courses for Home Study to Learn Oil Painting: How to Select the Best Lessons

It doesn’t matter whether you are at home or an art centre, we all aim to understand and grasp what is being taught. Your painting lesson should be treated with the same level of care. Consider these factors when selecting a home-study oil painting course, check this out.

Can you learn to paint on this course?

Some painting courses are only for a certain level of skill. Perhaps one course of painting is just for beginners. Some painting courses assume students already know how to paint and clean brushes. Lessons in painting should be taught at a level below or equal to your own. You would require courses to begin with intermediate levels if, for example, your painting abilities are intermediate.

How hard are painting lessons?

A solid professional artist’s course will begin at the lowest level of difficulty and move up until the highest. This course shouldn’t jump from level-to-level. It could confuse a painter who is experienced and frustrate someone new. We should start a beginner’s painting class by teaching how to clean and load paint brushes, mix the paint, and use it. If the student is forced to start with still-lifes, they will get frustrated. Select a painting course that allows you to progress from the lowest level of challenge to the highest.

Do you offer a DVD course for painting?

You must use full-length video on DVD for your entire painting class. Short video clips don’t cut it! You must have an entire video lesson on oil or acrylic painting. Not just a small clip but the entire lesson should be included in the video. It is likely that the DVD will have a low resolution, and be of poor quality.

What is your ability to follow the painting instructions given by your teacher?

To master oil painting, you must be able to hear and understand the artist. You need to be able hear the artist clearly. If you cannot hear your instructor, or if his instructions are unclear, the course is not very useful.

Is there a book included with the course?

While videos on painting can be helpful, they’re not sufficient to teach you how to paint. What you will be doing during each lesson and which supplies you will be using is essential. For example, if you are teaching a still life lesson, it is important to have specific paintbrushes and an object such as a vase with fruits or flowers. It will be necessary to choose specific painting colors. For a student to be ready they must possess a lesson book.

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