The Best Coffee Machines in Indonesia

Indonesia is well-known for producing the best coffee in the world. It is no surprise then that some of the top coffee machine manufacturers are also located here. An Indonesian coffee machine brand is sure to satisfy your needs, whether you are a coffee enthusiast looking to improve your home brewing setup, or a café owner searching for reliable commercial machines. This article will provide more information about some of the most trusted coffee makers in Indonesia. Learn more?

Jura Jura, a Swiss company, has a strong presence in Indonesia. Jura Jura coffee machines are known for their innovative technology, sleek design, and easy-to-use UI. Jura machines offer many customization options, including many brewing settings and movable milk frothers. They also have automatic cleaning and maintenance capabilities.


Breville, an Australian company, is known for producing high-quality, durable coffee makers. The machines have a range of features including built-in grinders and temperature controls that can easily be adjusted for home baristas.


De’Longhi, an Italian coffee maker, has been making coffee makers for over a century. The equipment is known for its reliability, ease-of-use interfaces and many functions. De’Longhi machines offer a variety of brewing options, movable milk fothers, and programmable beverage settings.


Gaggia, an Italian company, has been making coffeemakers since 1947. Gaggia’s equipment is known for its classic style and cutting-edge features. Gaggia machines also offer many customizing options such as variable temperature control and programmed shot volumes.

WPM WPM is an Indonesian company that specializes in commercial coffee machines. The equipment boasts cutting-edge features such as programmable brewing cycles and automatic cleaning and maintenance. They also offer customized drink settings. It is also suitable for high volume use. WPM machines are preferred by cafe owners and baristas due to their reliability and long-term durability.

Explore the world of Indonesian coffeemakers and get serious about brewing coffee with your new machine.

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