The Basics Of Plumbing

A developed economy is not complete without the san diego plumber online industry. This is because water and proper waste removal are essential. This is a system of pipes and fixtures installed in an establishment for the distribution of potable, clean water. The plumbing system is distinct from the sewage system because it is considered to serve one building, whereas the sewage service is for a whole town or group of buildings.

The Latin term “plumbum”, which means “lead”, was the source of “plumbing”. The word “plumbing” was derived because pipes used to be made of lead. This industry was rare in the nineteenth century. At the same, the health institutions demanded a better way to dispose of waste. This system was developed by Romans, Persians and Greeks because they had a need for potable drinking water, drainages and baths. Due to water thefts, the Romans decided to use lead pipes.

The progress in plumbing was very slow. It was only when the Romans discovered the lead pipes that progress became visible. After World War II, lead was banned due to the belief that it contained dangerous chemicals which could affect human health. Since then, copper is used in the manufacture of pipes. The copper pipes were declared to be safer and more reliable than the lead pipes. Plumbing fixtures were created with end-users in mind. Examples include toilets, baths, urinals and water fountains. Each physical job will require tools and equipment. The plumbing includes tools such as wrenches (and many more), gauges, watermeters, pumps and much more. Modern technology allows plumbers to do their jobs more efficiently and with less hassle. For accurate information on water pipes, video camera and hydraulic pumps are used.

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