Telltale signs that Roof Repairs are Required

Last time did you check your roof to see if there were any damages, click here? When you are leaving or arriving at your door, do you take just a moment to look up? It is possible that damage to your roof could be occurring without you even knowing. These are some of the things to watch for.

Dark spots or trails. You should inspect your chimney. Pay attention to areas around vents, and the ceiling. The stains and trailing are signs of damage caused by water from a leakage, either due to excessive rainfall or thawing out ice. The stains and trails can also be a result of poor ventilation that causes condensation. You should call a roofer if the areas are not dry but rather moist. This is an indication that damage has been done.

Your roof may have missing and broken pieces. Your roof may have missing shingles or shakes if there’s light coming through your ceiling. When your roof has been damaged by strong wind or heavy rain, you may see this. Even if it seems like everything is in order, you should still check the roof for any cracks and damage.

Roofing distortion. Sometimes roofing materials will become distorted due to inadequate ventilation. Roofs are prone to warping, curling and blistering. If detected early, these can be resolved with simple roofing repairs.

Activity of pests. Roof damage, especially from pests, is a common problem in Concord. The pests can cause green stains to appear on the wooden shingles of your roof and can gnaw at them. This could lead to structural damage without your knowledge. Contra Costa Mosquito and Vector Control can help residents with their pest problems.

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