Take Care of Your Moldavite Original and Increase Its Energy

Moldavite crystal is very expensive so it is crucial to take care of it. These are some tips for caring for Moldavite, and maximising its energy, helpful hints:

Moldavite may collect negative energy. To prevent this, it is crucial to cleanse it on an ongoing basis. It can be cleansed by submerging it in saltwater or being buried in the earth. Properly store it: Keep your Moldavite out of reach from children when not in use. It will retain its vitality and physical integrity better if this is done.

Moldavite should be treated with respect when working with it. This requires you to determine what you are trying to achieve with the crystal. Then, you must use it in a way that is consistent with your goals.

Moldavite emits a powerful energy vibration so it is crucial to slowly work with it. This means you will start by working with it for a short period of time, and then gradually increase your intensity as you get more familiar with the activity.

To get a boost of energy, you can put your Moldavite outside to the sun. It will help it to stay resolute and to increase its energy. This goal can be accomplished by placing your Moldavite in direct sunlight or exposing to the light of a full Moon.

To summarize, taking care of the moldavite is essential to maximizing the benefits of this powerful and costly crystal. It also helps strengthen the energy it emits. Follow the below advice and use your Moldavite with intention and respect to make sure your energy is still helping you spiritually and on your healing path.

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