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If you are just starting to trade Forex, ask any Forex trader and they will tell your story: Learn on your own, follow the school of hard knocks, and eventually you will find your way. That’s a fact you’ve heard before. This is a sad fact. 95% percent of Forex traders lose money. Don’t follow the same old advice that leads to frustration and disappointment. There is a repeatable method that anyone can use to earn a passive Forex income. It only takes about 30 minutes. This article will show you how to join the 5% of people who do make money.

What’s stopping 95% Forex traders from making a profit? read here?

I can assure you that 95% (or more) of Forex traders are not proficient in trading Forex profitably. The truth is that 95% to all those you’ve met in a Forex forum discussion board or chatroom are losing their money trading Forex. Yet, you will still hear the same old wisdom: you must learn Forex trading from scratch. You’ll have to pay your dues just like everyone else until eventually you “get it”. You can ask anyone who tells you this to stop telling you it.

Talk is expensive, but advice from someone who doesn’t have the right knowledge can be costly. The truth is that most Forex “traders” don’t understand what they do. They bounce from one indicator after another, switching between systems in an attempt to find the perfect solution. They can’t be blamed. These are honest, decent people who want to provide for their families. They simply don’t have the time and energy to get consistent Forex income.

The Secret to The 5% and How To Join Them

Forex trading is not something you can learn on your own. If you believe that someone is telling the truth, they are either lying or don’t know what they are talking about. It is true that you only need a profitable, proven Forex trading method to create passive income. It is a secret that the 5% Forex traders who have consistently earned a passive income from Forex trading is those who have a process to generate profits every day. They know that if the profitable process is repeated, they will get the same result.

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