Some of the worst mistakes you can make when buying perfume

One of the great pleasures in this world is wearing perfume. It has a wonderful decadent quality that’s unmatched. Although we’re only human, it is fair to assume that at times we may make a mistake with our use of perfume.

The following are some common mistakes that you should avoid making when purchasing fragrances online from a Fragrance Web Store – get the facts!

1. The dangers of wearing a perfume you love too frequently

All of us have done it: we’ve worn a perfume day after, day after day until it became humdrum. The overuse will likely occur within a month, but we suggest wearing your best fragrance only every week.

2. Store your perfumes outside in the sun

Because light quickly breaks down many of the fragrance ingredients, leaving perfumes in your bathroom near windows can make them useless. You should store your fragrance in cool dark areas.

3. Rub wrists with each other

A daily application of a perfume may cause the scent to be slightly unbalanced. The fragrance will last longer if you spray on each wrist separately.

4. Mixing up too many fragrances

Combine fragrances to create a negative effect is all too common. It’s not easy to balance fragrances in your products, especially since even shampoos and moisturizers contain them. Be on the lookout for products that contain scents neutral to your main perfume, or only have a slight similarity.

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