Selecting Industrial Painting Contractor

Painting government buildings, school, malls and hospitals are all examples of industrial painting. Commercial painting jobs are much larger than residential projects and require a completely different approach. Find out more!

Abrasives are used to power wash the entire building, removing all dust and dirt from the walls. Water pressure jets can be used to remove older paint layers from the wall. Tape is then used to cover the windows and door frames so that no spray paint can get into the room. Next, primer is applied to create a smooth surface for the exterior paint.

The primer must dry completely before the final painting layer can be applied. There are many different paints and types that can be used to paint the outside of buildings. Pressure feed sprayers are used to complete most industrial and commercial painting projects. This can take a long time if the structure is large. An electrostatic charge is used to quickly dry paint layers and control overspray. The tapes on the doors and windows are only removed after the paint has dried.

Paints can ignite, so painters must ensure there’s proper ventilation when painting the interior of large commercial buildings. Commercial projects require fire safety and procedures to be followed. Before the project begins, licenses must also be obtained.

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