Roof Restoration Basics

Three of our most basic needs are shelter, food and clothing check my blog. Although your home may be where you reside, your roof provides shelter. In order to protect you and your family, your roof needs to be in good shape all year. In the end, however, every homeowner must repair or restore their roofing system. The roof is a vital part of any home. It shields the home from extreme weather conditions, and it insulates the house from hot and cold temperatures. Roof restoration is a combination of cleaning, inspections and repairs.

Inspect and Maintain

The best way for you to protect your roofing system is to maintain it. The use of preventative measures will help you avoid the need for costly roof repairs or major restoration. This includes checking your gutters for water accumulation and cleaning them, inspecting the roof fixtures to ensure there are no damages that may cause leaks, as well as making sure roofing structures meet standards. Roof inspections by professionals are recommended because only qualified roofers have the experience and skills to detect potential problems.


Just like your gutters, you should keep your roof free of debris. The collection of leaves, branches and other debris on your roof is a major risk for the structural integrity of your roof. This is especially true if your home has many tall trees. As organic matter decays, moisture accumulates. Your roofing structure may begin to rot. For optimal roof longevity, experts suggest cleaning your roofing at least twice per year. The accumulation of moss mold and mildew will also negatively affect your roof. Contact a professional who can thoroughly clean your roofing.


As previously mentioned, even a careful homeowner needs to get their roof repaired from time-to-time. You may not realize that a roof in disrepair poses more of a risk to your health and well-being than you would think. Inspections are vital because small leaks may quickly grow into larger problems. You may find that these inspections reveal signs of decay or damage in your roof. This is why you should have your roofer perform the necessary repairs.

Be aware that roofing restorations can be major projects, particularly for roofs with age. Your roofing inspections should be scheduled in the late summer/early fall to give you plenty of opportunity to make any necessary repairs. It is possible that roofing work will take multiple sessions. Your home and your belongings should not be exposed to harsh winter temperatures if at all possible. You should also budget enough for major roofing repair. As a roofing restoration project can be expensive, it is recommended that you save some money every year in order to have the funds available for more extensive repairs.

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