Rhinoplasty- benefits and risks

The cosmetic surgery of noses, also known as rhinoplasty, has both aesthetic and functional benefits. You should consider the pros and cons of a nasal job before undergoing surgery.

Rhinoplasty or “nosejob” as it is commonly called, involves cosmetic surgery to alter the nose’s shape and appearance so that it fits better with the face go here. Many people choose this cosmetic procedure to improve their facial features. Rhinoplasty is no different. It has both advantages and disadvantages that patients must be aware.

The risks of a nose job

It is important to understand the risks associated with this procedure. Anytime you choose to undergo surgery, you put your body at risk for infection, adverse anesthesia reactions and loss of blood. Even though you can’t completely eliminate the risks, choosing a surgeon whose reputation is good and who has privileges at a hospital will make you less vulnerable.

Patients may find that after a rhinoplasty, they are left with a feeling of numbness or pain. The nerve damage is to blame. Selecting a competent surgeon reduces this risk.

Extrusion is a risk if your procedure includes implants. Asymmetry is also possible, as well as keloids or a heavy scar. A cosmetic surgery could also result in you losing your senses, including smell. Once again, these complications are extremely rare when you choose a high quality doctor.

Benefits to a Nosejob

Rhinoplasty offers both cosmetic and practical benefits. Most patients choose plastic surgery to achieve cosmetic results. It is important to consider the facial symmetry when evaluating someone’s beauty. You will look much different if your nose is not in symmetry with the rest of your facial features. A balanced symmetry can be achieved by performing cosmetic surgery on your nose to restore or create the symmetry.

It is not always the size of the nose which makes it unattractive. Cosmetic surgery may be used to correct noses that have an unusual tip shape or noses with too much or little arch. The procedure can range from a simple injectable to a more complex rhinoplasty.

You can either increase or decrease the nose size with cosmetic surgery. This procedure usually produces dramatic results, despite a small change.

Rhinoplasty can help patients who suffer from breathing difficulties, birth defects or a deviated Septum. Many times, a simple procedure can improve the functionality and ease of breathing.

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