Piano or Guitar? Why is piano the best choice to start music?

It is hard to understand what it is when you only look at it one way. I know from my experiences that using the keyboard for both piano and keyboard is more intuitive. But going here a big but! Let’s examine all aspects.

0 Your goal (which one do you want to be playing on the guitar, piano or both?)
(2) What type music would you like?/ Who do your heart sing?
3) Instruments (choices price range, stores & transportability)
Learning is simple
Performance possible

1 Your goal

You have to have a reason that you are interested in learning how the guitar or the piano. You may be surrounded by musicians. Maybe you want to learn how to play an instrument. I want to challenge you to think clearly, honestly, and pure. You can create music and have enough wealth to afford any instrument. Which instrument would you prefer? You can make the final choice.

(2) What kind/whom do you like to listen to music?

Learning to play the piano can help you develop your repertoire and enjoy singing along. Are you looking to learn the song “Fur Elise”, by Beethoven? Or the song of a rock act like Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway, Heaven”. You can play any song you like on either of the instruments. You could play the original song just as well if you picked the instrument of your favorite artist. It could make it feel like you are a true musician. This kind of feeling can make music a joy. Which artist was your inspiration for music making?

3) Instruments

You have many options when it comes to the piano: Acoustic and digital pianos, digital keyboards and mobile apps.

There are a variety of price ranges. (Lower or Higher) new piano (apps for free; keyboards for $50, digital instrument for $ 500, and acoustic players for $2,000), new guitar (apps for free; any guitar for $100); used guitars (from ….?)

Transport & Shopping All major cities should have piano shops and music stores. You can search the Internet to find the nearest store. The keyboards and guitars can be carried easily. While you could disassemble certain digital keyboards, two people will be required to carry them or a transporter. For electric and acoustic pianos, special piano movers will be required. When you buy a brand new keyboard, the store offers free shipping.

4) Easy Learning Process

You will be able view the notes you are playing. It’s almost the same as typing on a computer keyboard. By pressing any key with one hand, you can create a melody. This fixed pitch makes your job easy. This is the best option for beginners and children. The joy of making music will be apparent immediately.

Guitar is more difficult than playing the piano. To create a melody, you need to use your lefthand to identify notes and your righthand to hold the strings. It may be difficult physically to play chords. Your left arm should be pressing multiple strings at once in a weird position. This is recommended for teenagers between the ages of 16 and 18, depending on your physical ability.

You’ll find that the piano repertoire presents additional technical challenges. These include the coordination of melody and accompaniment, music analysis, and reading musical scores. The learning process can be enjoyable if we keep moving forward.

Knowing the basics of chords will allow you to sing almost any song, including pop songs. When you learn the repertoire like “Memories of Alhambra”, technical skills are more important. You can create beautiful solos with your guitar on songs by rock bands, but mastering those songs is essential.

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