Oriental Rugs: Care and Cleaning Strategies

Oriental rugs take pride of place when it comes down to home decor. Not only are they floor coverings but also works of art that are steeped into history and cultures. Great beauty also comes with great responsibility. Cleaning and maintaining Oriental rugs is more complex than regular cammeray carpet cleaning, read here!

Oriental rugs have a uniqueness that is important to understand. These Oriental rugs tend to be handwoven using natural fibres like wool or Silk, and are frequently dyed with natural colours. The rugs become sensitive when exposed to harsh chemicals or handled roughly. Balance is the key to achieving a good cleaning balance with gentle treatment.

The importance of regular maintenance cannot be overstated. To avoid damaging the delicate fibres, you can vacuum with a brushless nozzle. The method you use to clean up spills matters. Golden rule: Blotting, not rubbing. The golden rule is to blot, not rub.

Cleaning agents are essential when you need to do a deep clean. Sharp chemicals may damage the fibres or cause colors to run. You should use a gentle cleanser that is pH-balanced and specifically formulated for Oriental Rugs. DIY methods can also be tried using a mix of water and dish soap, however, it is important to test on a smaller area before proceeding.

Cleaning oriental rugs professionally is a very important factor that many people overlook. Professionals who are experts at carpet cleaning Cammeray and rug care have the necessary knowledge and equipment to effectively deep-clean these items. Rug cleaning experts are able to tailor their method of cleaning to each type.

The protection of the oriental rug against environmental influences is an additional aspect. As the rug ages, the bright colors can begin to fade. Controlling the amount of sunlight that reaches the rug by rotating it or using blinds, curtains, and other shades can be helpful. If you want to avoid mold or mildew, protect your rug from moisture.

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