Microwave Ovens: Choose the Best One for You

The microwave is a must-have in every kitchen. Microwave ovens make cooking easier, faster and maintain food quality. Here are some examples: more info?

* Counter top

* Convection

* Commercial

* Built-in

counter top This oven is simple, easy to operate and relatively cheap compared with other electronic items. Only one disadvantage is the fact that this appliance takes up extra space in your home. This food heater is easy-to-use and handy. A simple instruction manual makes it possible for anybody to operate the oven. Plug it in and read the manual. You can use it to cook and heat foods, including jams, pastes, cups cakes, cookies and more.

Process of Convection is a product which combines both the microwave and heat energy processes. Both cooking and grilling food is possible. This product has a fan which releases the steam created during the process of heat energy. This product can prepare food more quickly than any other electronic item, and therefore costs are higher.

: The oven has a combination of both convection, and conventional modes (countertop). You can choose between the convection or conventional settings. Hence, it is possible to choose between baking or cooking in the same unit.

Commercial This is the type used by commercial buildings such as office, staff canteens or colleges. Product is designed for mass cooking. The larger size allows it to occupy more room than other microwaves. This microwave is fast and retains all nutrients.

In-built is the same as a countertop. This model is similar to a countertop, but it can be installed in smaller kitchens because of its size. This model has been installed in a way that it is not within reach of kids and can’t fall off the counter.

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