Managed network services are the right choice for your company

MPLS Managed Service is rapidly becoming a viable alternative. With managed services, you can outsource all or some of your network management. Some of the tasks that are most commonly outsourced are intranet/internet host, data storage and backup, business continuity recovery, managed VPN, managed phone and more managed security.

Managed network services offer many advantages
Your overall network cost will be drastically reduced if you choose managed service. META Group has found that switching from MPLS services to managed network service can result in a 65 % reduction of your overall network cost.

The managed service is a good option for larger companies or smaller business that don’t have sufficient IT staff. Managed Services can solve staffing issues that are negatively impacting the operation of your network, if there is not an IT professional on site. Instead of focusing on mundane IT tasks, your existing department can instead focus on solving important network issues.

It is possible to save a significant amount of money by outsourcing staff. This can include equipment, hiring, training costs, and many other things.

Managed Network Services: They have some disadvantages
When you are considering out-tasking network services, keep in mind that there may be pitfalls. It is not possible to provide a network that suits everyone. Each provider should spend the necessary time and energy to fully understand your business’s requirements in order to help you make an informed decision. You should discuss: accessibility, reliability, guaranteed uptime, and maintenance. The majority of providers will draft a Service Agreement that defines Quality of Service. Network service proposals should align and support your business goals.

Certains managers of businesses are worried about losing their control by outsourcing network management services. The options are numerous for managed network services. The services you choose will depend on your preference and business requirements. If, for instance, you want your staff in-house to handle some services and the managed networks provider to handle others, this is very easy.

A second issue to consider is network security. What happens if your personal information falls into wrong hands? HIPAA is a consumer privacy law, so you do not have to worry. This is law. Your provider must provide you with exceptional security. Since network security has been made a legal requirement, and often a necessity for businesses and organisations, they actively look for managed service providers that have security and compliance experience.

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