Is Painting A Seasonal Business?

Just this morning, I listened in on a conversation where someone just started a painting business and complained about it being slow discover more. One person commented that they “didn’t want burst the bubble, but it is seasonable”. Is Running A Paint Business Seasonal? Articles I would like that guy to know the truth and tell him, “No. Painting is not seasonal. It’s only the type of paintings you do that can be classified as “seasonal”. If you don’t live in a hotter climate, then yes, EXTERIOR paint is seasonal. However, other types like faux-painting, mural painting and interior painting are markets that you can be active in all year long.

My painting business was started in early fall. I continued to get residential work through the winter months, even during the most challenging time of year between Thanksgiving & Christmas. For my first year, it was okay. Think about it. If the painting industry was seasonal, then all of these companies, big, medium and small, would only be able work half the time. Paint stores would be just as happy to close their doors for the winter. No matter how frigid it gets, even window washing is not a seasonal activity. You can be a seasonal house painter if you do not want to do any interior work. If you want to work in winter, then find some kind of service such as snow plowing. You can find work all year.

If you’re serious about running a successful and profitable painting business throughout the year, you need to learn how to successfully run both the business aspect of it as well the painting side. This is where having a business partner can be a big advantage. Advertising and estimating accurately are important for running a profitable painting business. Once you have these two aspects right, everything else will be easy. Some painting companies specialize more in commercial and industrial painting while others are focused more on the residential and small-scale commercial painting market.

When you know if your painting business will require a partner or employees who are reliable and if the market you intend to serve is one you would like to focus on, it’s easier to plan marketing. One large Chicago area painting contractor decided to focus their efforts on the industrial and commercial markets. He discovered quickly that both markets have deep pockets. For this type of painting, you’ll need some serious paint equipment. This type of painting requires an experienced team that has experience with commercial and industrial paint. Is this kind of painting seasonal or not? It’s possible that they slow down during the winter. However, there are plenty of large projects to be completed all year. If there was anything seasonal about the painting business, it would be exterior painting in cooler climates. Not the money or the ability to stay busy.

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