Is mobile digital advertising the next big thing?

Mobile Video Advertising is the newest and most popular form of digital advertising. The use of mobile devices has improved dramatically over the last decade. Smartphones have become a part of our daily life. Looking at its rapid growth and development, top marketers/advertisers around the world are realizing the benefits of mobile video advertising to help run their campaigns efficiently among their target audiences. For more info you can go to this website.

Mobile Advertising is the future

Mobile digital video advertising promises better customer engagement, and better ROI rates. Because of its greater engagement potential, mobile can attract five times as many customers than traditional marketing channels. Marketing professionals will benefit from using mobile advertising strategies correctly to build a strong relationship with customers.

If you want to improve your marketing ROI and increase customer engagement, you should consider these top benefits of mobile advertising.


Personalization can lead to popularization. It is, in fact, the most important element to pique customers’ interest. Pncdigital found that 75% customers are open to exchanging their personal information to buy items from sellers who know their name and past purchases. Personalized messages can make customers feel special and priviledged. MoLotus personal & personalized mobile video messaging platform can be used by marketers to draw maximum customer attention. All of these results show that personalization is the key for attracting loyal customers and driving revenue.

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