How to speak with your doctor about your disability claim

It happened again last week. What’s the matter? A treating physician refusing to support a patient’s claim of disability benefits is a common story. This can often shock the patient, who assumed the physician was on their side. Visit disability support services Melbourne before reading this.

I am familiar with this issue because I often speak to doctors about clients’ disability claims. According to the client, they feel certain that their claim is supported by their physician. I’m always shocked when a physician refuses to support the claim. You can be certain that the physician’s answer of “not wanting be involved” does not mean they do not support your claim.

In this article, I will discuss why it is so important to have the support and guidance of your treating doctors.

Tip #1 Support from a treating doctor is often crucial to claim approval

Federal law weighs the opinions and recommendations of treating physicians the most in a social security disability claim. You will have a strong case if SSA is informed by your doctor that you are unable and unable to work. Your claim may be denied if your physician is not supportive or if they are silent on the issue of disability. It does not mean you can’t win your case. However, the mountain that must be climbed without the physician’s support will be more difficult.

The fact that SSA gives the highest weight to your doctor’s opinion is important because a SSA physician (who may not have seen your records) will most likely conclude that your ability to work. Federal law demands that SSA or a judge, when faced with opposing opinions, give greater weight to your doctor’s opinion. Because they know you best, your medical condition is the most important. Therefore, SSA should accept your claim if your doctor has advised SSA that your medical condition is not able to work.

This is considered not supporting your claim if your physician refuses to take part in your disability case. Why? Because SSA is certain to have a medical opinion that you are able to work from. SSA will use the opinion of its own physician, even if they have not seen you before. to deny your claim.

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