How to clean carpets: From stains to sparkle

Now that you’ve cleaned up all the mess, it’s important to know what’s going on underneath more. What happens when carpet cleaners st. ives are called in to handle the heavy lifting, though? We all want to keep our carpets clean and free of stains, but the science behind it is fascinating! Now, put on your lab glasses (not really but it would be fun). Let’s dive into the world carpet cleaning chemistry.

1. It all Starts with a pH Scale
Scale from high school chemistry classes is a key ingredient. Cleaning agents are neutral, acidic or alkaline depending on the stain. Acidic cleaners work well on alkaline stains, such as coffee or wine.

2. Encapsulation Power
Modern carpet cleaning techniques often employ the encapsulation method. In this method, cleaning agents are used to “encapsulate” or surround dirt particles and turn them into dried residues. After this, the dirt particles can be easily removed by vacuuming. You can think of it as a way to confine dirt into a tiny cell before banishing it.

3. Hot water extraction: not just steam
It’s not just “steaming” as many people think. First, a solution is sprayed under high pressure onto the carpet, loosening dirt, grease, or other contaminants. The solution is then vacuumed up along with all the grime that has been dislodged by a powerful vacuum. The heat is another factor that plays a role in breaking dirt molecules down.

4. Bonnet cleaning and Absorption magic
A rotating bonnet, or pad, is immersed in a cleaning agent and spun over the carpet. The pad sweeps away the dirt as the cleaning solution absorbs. This is like using the mega version of your kitchen’s cleaning sponge.

5. Foam is a great way to defy gravity
Foam cleaners are made by applying a special foam, which rises like bread. As it expands it traps debris and dirt. Once it dries, you can vacuum the foam and dirt.
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