How Should every house fly a flag and what does the law say?

Others may see a telescopic fag pole as a means to display their pride, like a fancy car or designer bag. Flagpoles are a great way to show your pride in the country and also display patriotism – click for source!

Ask yourself if building a flagpole is allowed on your property before you hoist your flag. Good news! There are no federal laws that prohibit flying a national flag in front a home. However, HOA or local regulations could control how flagpoles are installed. Check with the local HOA or government before you build a pole to make sure that such rules are not in effect.

But you might be thinking, “I’m not too patriotic. Is a flagpole necessary for me?” That’s an excellent question. You’re right, yes is the answer! You may not even be a big flag fan but installing a house flagpole can make it look more attractive. In addition, your neighbors or guests may bring up the topic when visiting.

Although a flagpole will make your yard look nicer, it has other benefits. A flagpole in your yard can be a good reminder of what the flag represents. The flag can be used to create pride, and a sense community unity and solidarity during holidays such Memorial Day and Independence Day.

Wouldn’t a flagpole be placed in front every home? Although it may be a personal choice, we don’t see any reason why not. You can make a small gesture to show you love your country, while making your house look more welcoming. Before you begin the installation process, ensure all permits and permissions are obtained by the local authorities.

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