How Important are Security and Liability Insurance to Choosing an Operator For Storage?

When we search for storage units, we focus more on cost than security. When storing high-value items in a storage facility, you should ensure the security of your goods and that it provides services. Customers often choose units without considering important factors like security and insurance. The majority of self-storage centers in USA and Canada state that their facilities are safe, yet most do not have adequate security – discover more.

Here is a list of the top things to think about when you are choosing a storage unit.

1. When choosing self-storage, make sure that the facility offers 24-hour surveillance. The storage unit must have video cameras. You can use cameras to prevent theft. Verify that there are real cameras. Storage facilities often use fake cameras to avoid video recordings. Cameras in storage facilities should be strategically located and recorded 24/7. Entrance and exit doors are of paramount importance.

2. In most cases, the storage unit only alerts to an entrance or a workplace. The alarm isn’t enough. It is not enough to equip each storage unit with a personal alarm. Storage units should each have their own alarm system to give tenants extra security and peace of mind.

3. If the building is in an area that’s safe, you should check it out. Location! Location! Location! It is important to choose a storage unit that’s conveniently located and easy to reach, in an area with a low rate of crime. Google Maps makes it easy to locate self storage facilities in USA or Canada. Be sure that you choose a location with a good safety rating. Also, make sure it’s easily accessible from main roads. Search online for operators in your locality, like “Storage facility Milford MA”. Check the address of this operator.

4. If your provider offers insurance, you should buy it. Assuming that all of our goods will be insured automatically by the facility is a common misconception. This is often not the case. Storage facilities will often cover damage due to theft, water and other causes. When you choose full-protection coverage, this will give peace of mind in the case that an unexpected incident happens.

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