Green & Gleaming – Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaner Guide

The joy of a clean carpet in your home is almost like a day at the spa click this link. What goes into the carpet cleaner you buy? Most often, they are a combination of chemicals which are not very friendly to Mother Earth. Carpet Cleaning Northern Beaches supports eco-friendly cleansing, which is good for our planet and also helps to maintain a healthy indoor environment. You can give your carpets an eco-friendly treatment if you want to.

Vinegar & Water – Nature’s own Dynamic Couple
These classic kitchen staples can be used again! Mix equal amounts of white vinegar with water. Spray it on stain and let it sit. Then dab. This method is easy, inexpensive, and free of harmful chemicals.

Essential Oils – Not just for diffusers!
Add a few drops your favorite essential oil such as lemon or lavender, to the cleaning mixture for a fresh scent. It also has antimicrobial qualities. Win-win: your carpet is clean and you get to enjoy a refreshing scent.

Cornstarch: the Unsung Hero in Stain Removal
Do you have a greasy mess in your home? Sprinkle some cornstarch over the grease, allow it to sit for 20 mins, then vacuum. Cornstarch absorbs the grease and is as environmentally friendly as you can get.

Eco-friendly commercial cleaning products: They do exist!
You’ll find plenty of green carpet cleaning products if you don’t like DIY. Search for carpet cleaners with a biodegradable tag and ingredients you’ll be able to pronounce. Your carpet and the earth will both thank you.

Baking Soda, The Old Reliable
Baking Soda is an excellent carpet deodorizer. Sprinkle the baking soda generously onto your carpet. Allow it to sit (the more time, the better), then vacuum.

Club Soda will tackle tough stains including wine and berry juice. Pour some over the stain. Then, wipe with a soft cloth.

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