Glossary on moldavites unique feature

Moldavites also have a unique feature: the gloss of the surface. We recognize not only different colors of but also different levels and shades of gloss. The gloss on the exterior is often different, but it’s uniform inside.

However, glossy moldavites are most preferred by collectors. The matte ones also have their appeal – discover more?

Glossiness in moldavites

Without gloss (velvety).




Glaciery (glassy, varnishy)

Moldavite gloss largely depends on the surrounding rock. You will find shiny moldavites in areas that have sandy gravel sediment. The matte moldavites, however, can be found in clay sediments. Moldavites who have been through long river transports are also matte – they have an abraded surface.

After removing a moldavite form sediment, the shine of the moldavite will begin changing. Unfortunately, moldavites lose their original glossy appearance over time. This is evident most in old finds. Museums have some examples of moldavites with tarnished surfaces. It’s caused by a variety of substances in the atmosphere that can cause damage to the surface. It’s a slow process, however.

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