Flagpole purchase

Flagpoles with the most extravagant designs can run into the hundreds of thousands, including some more massive poles website. An aluminum commercial pole measuring eighty feet might cost $10,000, but that is the highest price. A shorter residential pole is more economically feasible.

Flagpoles are often sold in kits that include all the hardware. A fifteen-foot aluminum residentialpole with an exterior halyard system, costing $500, would most likely come with a flag; a ball (or “finial”) for the tip; a pulley mechanism or “truck system”; cleats; rope or “halyard,” with snap hooks that keep the flag from clanging against the pole; flash collar to give it a finished appearance; and instructions for assembly.

Because they take longer to manufacture, internal halyards are more expensive. Fiberglass flagpoles tend to be more expensive that aluminum due to their lower wear. Bronze is even more expensive because it is less in demand. Steel, which is virtually invincible makes it the most expensive. There are many flagpole dealers that you can choose from. You can search online for flagpole dealers or look in the yellow pages for information about flagpoles.

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