Find out the Top 7 Facts about Tile Roof Repair

You may find that your tile roof needs to be repaired. Here are seven important facts you should know. Helpful resources!

1.The task of repair is cheaper

If the damage to your tile roof is minor, it may be cheaper for you to repair the roof than replace the entire roof or part of it.

It’s the Right Decision to Replace Tiles

It may be impossible to replace the entire roof if the right tile is not available. However, in most cases it will be better to repair the cracked tiles rather than to change a few tiles. The right roofing contractor can handle both tasks perfectly.

Matching tiles can be tricky

Tile roofs are durable and can last several decades, if not centuries. There are many types of tiles available on the market. Finding the right one for you can be difficult. It’s always better to hire a professional for your roof repairs.

4.Tiled roofs are generally boarded

In contrast to metal sheets and other roof types, tiles tend to be heavy. This means they are installed over a boarded substructure. Tile roof repairs can include repairing the substrate and also the tiles themselves.

5.Roof Tiling Is an Expert Trade

Many people believe that they can replace or repair damaged tiles by themselves. This isn’t a project that you should attempt on your own. You could cause more damage than good by attempting to repair your tile roof yourself.

There is still a good chance that your new tile may not match the colour of the original tile. The reason for this is that roofs all fade over time and the newly selected tiles have not been exposed to any elements. However, the colour of the tiles will fade over time and they will blend into each other.

7. You might be to blame for your edge capping

If you need a roof tile repair because of a leak it may not even be the tile. Leaks usually occur because the ridges have been improperly waterproofed.

We have a team of professional tile specialists who can help you determine what the issue is with your roof and fix it.

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