Fiberglass Flagpoles: Benefits

Fiberglass flagpoles offer versatility, durability and find this strength. They don’t conduct electricity so lightning is no problem. Fiberglass poles don’t corrode, so they can be used in saltwater and other harsh environments. Fiberglass poles resist most soiling or scratching, unlike wood and aluminum, which can brown or become pitted.

Fiberglass flagpoles have a maximum height of eighty feet. They are available in one color, white. While it is possible for you to request a specific colour, it is best to confirm that the manufacturer uses weatherproof coatings. Fiberglass is difficult to adhere to paint. It is likely that you will have to repaint the exterior within a few years.

Fiberglass flagpoles have the option of having an internal or exterior, such as aluminum ones. This refers both to the rope and pulley that raises and lowers the flag. Although external halyards have a lower cost, they are more durable. Internal halyards, however, are more resistant against vandalism since all moving parts are within the pole. Accessible only via a special winch (or handle),

Fiberglass flagpoles embedded in ground must be solidly rooted into a concrete or groundsleeve basis, just as for all other materials. Concrete can cause fiberglass to corrode so you should not pour concrete on top.

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