Enjoy Delicious and Healthy Homemade Meals

It can be hard to eat healthy when there is so much temptation for fast food. It is best to source your food directly from your garden or from a farmer’s website marketplace. This will ensure that your food is fresh and full of nutrients. Each page of “From One Small Garden”, explains how to transform your food into something delicious and appealing. The book features over 300 recipes that were created over the course of 30 years worth of research and development. They are all delicious!

Lillian and Dave Brummet were award-winning authors. They began to experiment with recipes and compiled them into the book while living in Okanagan. The manuscript traveled with them over the next 30 years to the Boundary Region, where they stayed for 12 years. From there, it was on to their permanent home in Kootenays. The Brummets tested the recipes several times during these trips, and then perfected them for this collection.

For a while, they tried a vegetarian diet, then went vegan. Finally, they settled on a balanced diet that included animal protein and a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, breads, and healthy desserts. Together, they managed a mountaintop spa that built and maintained 3 acres worth of vegetable gardens. They also hosted large hand drumming events at break times.

This collection of recipes provides the ultimate guide for using fresh fruits and veggies from backyard gardens to farmer’s markets. It will guide you in making delicious, healthy meals at your home from fresh produce. It doesn’t matter if you get your produce from your backyard garden or from the farmer’s market, you will always be getting the best and freshest ingredients.

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