DUI Penalties And Your Seattle DUI Fort Myers

A Seattle DUI is a serious offense that can have implications, including jail time, a probationary time period, the loss of your driving license, and a possible criminal report. If you’re arrested on suspicion of DUI in Seattle there are many penalties which will be automatically enforced. This could result in an impact on your daily life, unless you employ a Seattle DUI Fort Myers lawyer to help you prove your innocence or bargain down the charges. Find out more?

Mandatory Minimum DUI Penalties

Washington State has mandated minimum obligatory penalties for those who have been found guilty of DUI. These penalties depend upon the fact that you were convicted of an DUI previously as well as how much BAC you were carrying at the time of your arrest. If you’ve never been convicted of any previous infractions and if your BAC was below.15 when you were arrested, being arrested, the most severe penalty would be a jail sentence of 24 hours along with a fine of $350.00.

A BAC less than.15 in the case of someone who previously been convicted of a crime will result in a minimum of 25 days jail sentence, and an additional 90 days of house arrest. A fine in the minimum that is $750 could be handed down. An earlier offense could be the previous DUI convictions, reckless driving, or prior vehicle assaults or murder convictions.

Fines and penalties increase as the BAC grows or you’ve been charged with additional crimes. For example, a person who has been convicted of two offenses who have the BAC of over.15 faces 120 days of jail time and 150 additional days under house arrest. They also face the possibility of a fine up to $1500.

If it’s not the first time you have committed a DUI conviction, you’ll need to still install an ignition interlock for your vehicle.

The penalties listed are the minimum obligatory sanctions that judges are obliged to enforce no matter the DUI situation. If you’re found to be guilty, you’ll be given no other options.

Find Help for the Seattle DUI Fort Myers

Seattle DUI Fort Myers is in a position to assist you in reducing or eliminate DUI penalties in most cases.

If you are innocent, you could be and have the charges dismissed, and not face any penalty if the Seattle DUI Fort Myers can successfully help you defend yourself against DUI. If that’s not possible and you are not able to do so, your Seattle DUI Fort Myers may help arrange a deal to obtain the lowest possible punishment.

Make a call to the Seattle DUI Fort Myers for more information on what you can do to avoid any serious consequences that may be imposed on your DUI.

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