Drugs Can Be Harmful To Pregnant Women

The risks for women who have used narcotics can be serious. Only a tiny amount of drug can make women dependent. It is important to consider the simple fact that drug abuse has serious consequences. By the time a woman gets help, her addiction may already be difficult to overcome. Drug use by women can have many adverse effects including health problems, mental illnesses and sexually transmitted diseases – helpful resources.

The women discovered something surprising: Many of the women who took up drug use in their life had experienced a troubled youth. It was discovered that a large number of women who choose to use drugs have been sexually abused at least once in their lives, typically before the age of 16. There is also evidence that women who have one or more abusive parents will start to use alcohol and other drugs.

Certain psychological patterns have been identified. Drug abuse is more common in people who lack confidence and self-esteem. People who abuse alcohol and drugs can experience a sense of helplessness. Rehabilitation is even more challenging. Patients develop a sense of loneliness. Women who are members of certain minorities or don’t know how to speak English properly may find it difficult to get good medical care.

Pregnant women face even greater problems. The unborn babies of pregnant women are also at great risk. Alcohol or drugs can cause serious health problems if they are misused. The mother-child relationship is very strong. Most likely, if the mother uses drugs, the same will happen to the child. A variety of risks are posed to the unborn child. The unborn child is at risk of contracting HIV if the mother is infected with HIV or AIDS. He could also be born with low birth weight, prematurely or die while in the womb. You can cause malnutrition and neglect to your baby if you use drugs after he is born.

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