Church Website Design: Who Should Be Involved

It’s a daunting task to design a church website. It’s a large task and requires a lot responsibility. This responsibility cannot be shared by one individual. It is important to have a team of designers who can work together consistently until the site is built. You will need to establish a single person who is responsible for the development of the website before you can begin working with them. This person will be accountable for answering higher ups in an organization. They must participate in every step of the process. They should be able to remove any roadblocks encountered by the team that they do not have the ability to resolve.

Stakeholders make up another part of the team. These are individuals with a stake in the design of the church website. This could be the youth coordinator and the pastor. It is possible that other members of congregation have an interest in the website’s success. A large church will have many pages on its website. You could have 150 pages, or just 30. You might want to outsource parts of the web design project to vendors, if the task becomes too overwhelming. This would include hiring someone who can write, an architect consultant and someone who can do graphic design. Many churches opt to outsource all other tasks except writing and photography.

It is usually more expensive to have the whole design done outside. Also, it is often less controllable for the church. You can appeal to your parishioners if you look within your congregation. It might surprise you to find a graphic design professional right in the front row. All communication channels should be open. If you have ten members working together on your church website designs project, each member should be able to communicate with the others in case of trouble. Each team must have a project leader who is capable of solving problems and answering any questions related to the design of the website. Although each member of a design team may work independently, it is still necessary for all members to meet in order to fully integrate the information. Some team members might come across questions that cannot easily be answered online. Sometimes, it may be necessary to discuss and arbitrate your dilemmas. Meetings are the best option.

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