Can precious metals be kept in an IRA?

Precious Metal Investments can be held in an IRA gold account.

– Metals. – Certificates of precious Metals.
– Exchange traded Funds (ETF)
– Closed End Funds (CEF’s)
Private funds

Everything you need:

– What kinds of physical precious metallics are allowed in an IRA
– Allowed coins in an IRA
– You cannot have gold coins in your IRA.
– What is bullion, and what is acceptable in an IRA?
IRS storage requirements
– Self-directed IRA account administrators.
How to put your metals into an IRA.
– A note regarding 401Ks.

What kinds of physical precious metals are allowed to be kept in an IRA

– Gold bullion
– Gold coins
– Silver bullion
– Silver coins
– Platinum coins.
Palladium coins

Allowable coins for an IRA

– Gold US American Eagles
– Gold Australian Kangaroos.
– Canadian Maple Leafs Gold
– Gold Austrian Philharmonic’s.
– Silver US American Silver Eagles
– Silver Australian Kookaburra
– Silver Canadian Silver Maple Leafs.
– Mexican Silver Libertad Bullion
– One-ounce American and Canadian Platinum, Palladium minted coins

An IRA does not permit gold coins

These gold coins do not have the minimum acceptable purity required for holding in an IRA.

South African Krugerrands
– Hungarian Corona.
– British Britannia and British Sovereign.
– Rare or collectable numismatic coins

What is bullion and what is acceptable:

Bullion can be defined as bars or rounds that are made by a NYMEX/COMEX approved refiner/assayer/national government mint and meet or exceed these minimum fineness standards.

– Gold – Fineness of 99.5% or higher
– Silver – Fineness of 99.99% and better
– Platinum – Fineness at 99.95% or higher
Palladium – Fineness of 99.95% or higher

IRS Storage Requirements

You must store your investment in a vault that the IRS considers safe when you fund your IRA with palladium, gold, silver, or platinium. Vault segregated is when your investment is protected from others in a vault. This storage is only allowed if your metals have been held in an IRA. An IRA administrator will create a segregated storage account for your IRA. After your investments have been bought, the dealer will deliver your investment into the vault you have chosen. The dealer will deliver your investment to the vault you have chosen.

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