Astrology for medical use – Improve your health and wellbeing

Vedic Astrology provides an excellent example. This deeply-rooted Indian Science has been employed in many aspects of daily life by Indians for hundreds of years. One example would be the medical profession, visit us.

Medical astrology allows one to gain insight not only into their present medical condition but also future medical problems.

Medical astrology can help those who cannot recover from severe medical treatments.

We can use medical astrology to predict when a person will most likely be in an accident.

Indian Astrology is a holistic system that considers many aspects of an individual’s health. Some yogas might be considered fortunate, but others not. Unauspicious movements of the planets as well as yogas which are not efficient can put an individual at risk. In order to stay healthy, one must maintain a balanced lifestyle.

The health of a person is also related to the nine planets.

It is possible to suffer from headaches and/or other ailments if your Kundali’s Sun position is weak. Moon can affect your temper or make you calmer. Mars can be linked with surgery and accidents. Mercury, a planet which affects intelligence and intellect is important. Problems with your skin, throat and voice are possible.

Saturn and dental health are closely related to Saturn.

All of the houses have their own specific disorders and body parts.

The first home represents good health and longevity. In addition to the health of your right eye (orbit), neck, and throat it also signifies that you are in good overall shape. The third home is related to one’s shoulders and ears as well as their arms.

Remedys in Medicinal Astrology

Many remedies in Medicinal Astrology are aimed at pleasing Gods or Goddesses or at strengthening the influence of specific planets. One remedy may be used to mitigate the negative impacts of a yoga or transit.

Mantras can also be used to treat medical astrology. Use a stone to cure the aura. This can be done by filling that gemstone with color. If a person is suffering from a health condition, this would be able to help heal it.

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