Asian Eyelid Surgery-What You Should Know

Asian eyelids surgeries are no different from other kinds of eyelid surgery. To achieve the best possible results, it is important that your surgeon customizes your surgery according to your goals, needs, facial structure, and other factors.

Asian blepharoplasty describes a particular type of surgery designed for Asians. Asian blepharoplasty doesn’t follow a set procedure. The human eye is diverse. Therefore, to believe that all of the eyelids can be treated equally would simply be ignorant – more info.

Certains people misunderstand the Asian double-eyelid procedure. The goal of the surgery is “westernizing” the eyes. This treatment is not meant to “westernize”. The treatment aims to enhance the eyelids’ natural structure.

For the best results possible, you should use minimally invasive procedures that save as much tissue as is humanly possible. Less aggressive surgery can produce more accurate and natural results, as well as faster recovery.

How can I get the Best Asian Eyelid Surgery in my area?

No one method is guaranteed to be successful in Asian eyelid surgery, and even the most experienced plastic surgeons would never make such a claim. Eye plastic surgeons with the highest level of training will advise you about your best options based on factors such as facial shape, eyelid contour, and treatment goals. You doctor wants to get the best possible results for you.

It is important that your doctor has a great deal of experience treating different eye disorders. You should choose a doctor who has a history of success and can show versatility. The photos below will allow you to assess whether or not your surgeon can provide an individualized approach.

It is important that your doctor has an extensive educational background as well as specialized training for eyelid procedures such a eyelid lifts, blepharoplasty, or eyelid reconstruction. The doctor should also be well-versed in eyelid corrective surgery, eyelid reconstruction and medical procedures such as eyelid cancer or ptosis. The eyelid surgery is best performed by facial aesthetic experts who are familiar with the various aspects of facial appearance.

A properly-trained oculoplastic surgeon can help you achieve a natural result and boost your confidence. Like other special procedures the key to a successful Asian blepharoplasty rests in a personalized treatment plan designed by an oculofacial cosmetic surgeon.

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